Well... Hello there!

You are most welcome to Katiely Beauty! A place where we are focused on an honest beauty.

Katiely Beauty was created from the passion for makeup and the willingness that Katiely has to share with you all good and interesting products that can help you blossom your inner diva and your natural glow. As she always says... "Beauty is the impact of our light onto ourselves and onto others. Beauty is like the Sun. So let your light shine. Be the star you were born to be".

Katiely, the founder of this company, is an example of our core values. Coming from Bahia (Brasil), a place of great culture but also great social disparity, she always knew that her light was bright and thus she studied a lot to develop her passion for beauty and makeup. Her journey helped her to expand horizons and gather experiences that propelled her to new places. And it is today, in New York, that she builds her company and shares her knowledge and products with you!
Katiely Beauty is a company from an honest person to an honest audience that wants to glow and thrive.